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heating and coolign signYour time costs money and Artech Heating & Air knows that and can provide perfection in every aspect of the services that we offer. We are accurate team of specialists, who always do things precisely and that make clients happy. We care about people and their properties, so this is one of the things that make us professionals. Our accurate employees will take care of your property extremely carefully while they are by you. We are insured and fully licensed. Our customers confident and pleased in our work. We aim to provide you with a positive experience from the time you take an appointment until our team give you fully finished your equipment. Artech Heating & Air offers commercial and residential heating and cooling service but we can fix your refrigerator or deliver professional ice machine repair.

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The purpose of the air conditioner is to transport heat either out or into your home. If your hvac system is over 5 years old, air conditioning repair service is a task that may need your attention. Even if you do not see a general difference in your system, and how it performs, it is a good idea to call a professional for air conditioning contractor just to make sure that you will continue to have efficient operation. If your system is older than 15 years,  AC repair is probably lost cause and you will need replacement. As long as your local climate does not change from either cold or hot, air conditioner is a good way to get cool in the summer and warmth in the winter from a single unit.

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How it works and what is causing problems?      

Central air conditioners are “split systems,” which means that there are two units. One is an indoor and second is an outdoor unit. The mechanism of the system used to carry the heat is called refrigerant. For the cooling, air from your home move through the indoor coil. The indoor air absorb the heat and the resulting cooler air is carried back into your house through your duct system. Heat from your rooms exits through the outdoor coil. This process creates a circulation and the moisture may and probably will destroy parts from your air conditioning system. For example, if you observe that your heating bills have suddenly jumped up or have been increasing from year to year, there is probably something wrong. A system that is not working properly will have to perform more intense than it should to heat your home. This will increase the wear and tear on parts and also make it use more energy. If you find out something like this early, you may be able to prevent more expensive heating or air conditioning repair services at a later stage. The longer you allow a malfunctioning heating equipment to remain not repaired, the more damage it will keep doing on many of its parts.

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If you sense that your home does not seem to be heating evenly, possibly a repair will be needed. These warning signs not always mean that your heating system is about to break. However, if you can notice them quickly, you may be able to catch the breakdown before it gets any bigger. If you see some of the first warning signs that your home heating system may not be functioning very well, can help you prevent any further complication. Do not sweat in hot summer days and hope that standing in front your refrigerator will help. Just call us as a representative of the finest air conditioning contractor to fix your AC.

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We understand your urgency when your air conditioning or heating system breaks down. That is why we provide 24-hour emergency service for heating and cooling system repairs. Whether you want maintenance, repair or replacement we can be your cooling and heating service provider.

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